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By Pat Cooper 25 May, 2015

Your wedding cake will feature in a lot of wedding photographs, which you will be looking at for years to come. Thus, you should take some time to choose the perfect cake for you.

A few things that you should think about considering for your wedding cake includes, size, taste, colour, filling and decoration.

The Look – In terms of the look and appearance of the cake the best places to look for inspiration are magazines, books, wedding fayres and of course the internet.

Function – What are the reasons for having a wedding cake, if it is simply decoration for your wedding reception, the taste and how many portions is not important however if you have 500 guests and the cake is to be given as deserts then make sure you have enough cake to go around.

Style and Colour – Think about if you want the style and colour of the wedding cake to match the colour scheme or theme of the wedding. Think about subtle touches of colour in the decoration.

Shape & Size – You can have a from 1 tier to 10 tiers, a round, square, hexagonal or diamond shape or even cup cakes to make up the display.

Taste – Fruit filling is tradition however there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of filling and make sure you remember to accommodate all guests with allergies.

Accessories – Make sure you have your sugar flowers, ribbons, flowers, cake toppers and candles included in your budget as your cake will not look so special without one or more of these.

Budget – How much do you want to spend? Always important when planning any aspect of your wedding.

Potential Suppliers – There are many local wedding cake suppliers with a large range of options and prices. Here at Portishead Wedding Network we have 2 specialist wedding cake designers and makers   Cakes by Elan   and   The IcingCentre .

By Pat Cooper 01 Jun, 2014

By Ann Pickard of The Icing Centre

A wedding cake is the centrepiece of your reception wedding. Every wedding album has a ‘cutting the cake’ photograph, so it’s preserved forever. Choosing the right wedding cake for your big day is important – it’s literally ‘the icing on the cake’.

Remembering these few things will help you find the cake of your dreams.

1. Plan in advance – the best cake decorators can get booked up to 18 months in advance (especially for peak wedding season)
2. Collect ideas – from magazines, friends, the internet and wedding fairs
3. Choose a theme - link it to other features of your wedding
4. Budget – be realistic about how much a cake will cost

Most couples want a cake that reflects who they are and echoes the colours and themes of their wedding day and that tastes good. A good cake decorator will meet you free of charge to discusses ideas and provide a no obligation quote. Use this meeting to view other cakes, read recommendations from other couples. Share all your ideas; take photos, drawings, wedding invitations, fabric and anything that inspires you for the design. And of course, ask to sample the cake too!

Will your cake be traditional or contemporary; it might be a novelty cake or a fantasy castle. Maybe you want a classic 2 or 3-tiered cake or would you prefer a tower of mini-cakes and cupcakes? Do you want fruitcake, sponge, chocolate cake, carrot cake or something else?

Personalised Toppers: Nothing is more personal than a mini version of the wedding couple sitting atop the cake. Wedding guests love this touch and it’s something to keep.

Colour: If your wedding has a colour theme, ask for a cake that uses the same colours. Remember bold colours create statement while softer shades are elegant and timeless. For vintage think creams, old rose, pale blue and golds; white is for simplicity; or for a modern statement what about lime with pink or purple.

Theme: Does your wedding have a theme? The options are endless. Maybe there is a family tradition you want to follow. Perhaps you have a general idea like lovebirds, hearts or country garden. How will your theme look on a cake? Your cake creator should be able to tell you how they will adapt your theme into edible art!

Whatever type of cake you choose I hope you enjoy your special day.
Ann Pickard, The Icing Centre

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