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Hi! I’m Martin a Bristol wedding photographer. I love capturing the little moments, the candid ones when nobody thinks I’m looking; memories that may otherwise be forgotten. When it comes to photographing the bride and groom, I take my inspiration from the couple themselves; their personalities, the way they are with one another, how their love shines through. I work with you to create dramatic and artistic images that perfectly capture your relationship. Most especially, I love bold colours and timeless black and white photographs.

Your wedding has so much meaning and emotion wrapped up with the special details and plans that you are making to bring your special day to life. Everything from the cascading bridal veil to the personalized details on the wedding shoes was chosen with care and for a reason. Capturing those details with elegant wedding day photography should be done with care and a genuine connection to you as a couple. My passion for wedding photography stems from being able to stop time for just a moment in every photo, celebrating a love that lasts a lifetime.

If you’re looking for Bristol wedding photographer who can enhance the memories of your wedding day with talent and impeccable timing, you should get in touch. It would be my pleasure to photograph your wedding and to help create a book of memories you can look back on for years to come. Keeping the memories of your wedding day vibrantly alive with charming photography will ignite the spark of love between you every time you see them.
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